Supporting AI startups to solve tomorrow’s problems’s program focuses on the development of early-stage AI startups by providing hands-on mentorship and funding opportunities.

Based out of Hong Kong, we are focused on working with founders of AI companies in Asia.

We believe engaging early-stage AI talent with mentorship and funding opportunity builds the foundation of a healthy tech community.

With acceptance into the #Z02 program, we will invest $120,000USD in exchange for 9-10% equity, which comes as a combination of $20,000 USD in exchange for 6% common stock plus $100,000 SAFE convertible note.

Areas of Interest invests in the entire spectrum of AI technology startups, but is particularly focused on the following areas of interest:

Edge Computing
Any computing applications that occur at the source of the data
Natural Language
Tech that enhances computational understanding of language
Autonomous Vehicles
Software and sensor packages to enable smarter autonomous driving.
Computer Vision and machine learning applications for agriculture
Human-Machine Interface Technology
Tech that enhances human interaction with machines
Ethical Computing
Tech that ensures safe AI


Our #Z03 program will begin October 27th, 2017, with applications closing on February 29th, 2018.